Diabetic Dog Recipie Treats

How to Give Your Diabetic Dog
Treats Which Are Safe

Make Your Own Diabetic Dog Treats
With These Great Recipe Ideas


From: Noel Dundas

Diabetic dogs should not be given normal treats and most Vets will advise giving no treats at all. However, you can still give your pet the occasional treat, provided it is calculated in with their diet and does not contain any of the bad food groups.

Dogs with diabetes are on a strict regime of control, being fed regularly and on time. But what if you have other pets? How can you give treats to some and not others?

There are no treats in pet supply stores specifically designed for dogs with diabetes and whilse some treats may be permissable for your pet, be aware that not all treats are labled with enough information on their ingredients.

An alternative, which many diabetic dog owners adopt, is to make their own treats. Because all of the ingredients are known it can be easier to work these treats into your dogs diet without loss of diabetes control.

Just look at how you can benefit from this recipe book:

  • Get recipes used by other diabetic dog owners.
    All these recipes have been tried and tested by owners of diabetic dogs the world over.
  • Learn how to make your own diabetic dog treats.
    Canines with diabetes should not be given treats but if you have more than one dog, how can you not give treats to just one?
  • Discover the food groups to include and those to avoid.
    Diabetic dogs require a diet which is high in fiber and protein yet low in fats and carbohydrates although, some complex carbohydrates can be beneficial. Learn what foods to avoid with canine diabetes mellitus.
  • Instant Access, no shipping charge or waiting.
    Instant download in PDF format for easy reading and printing.

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